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Brick Paver Cleaning and Sealing

If you have brick pavers or travertine they are an investment. You have spent a lot of money on these surfaces and need them protected from the harsh Florida weather, which is where we come in. We offer a service that will protect the pavers and travertine from the UV Rays which will help keep the colors from fading. Our sealing process will also help with mold as it makes the surface less porous. Our sand joint stabilization also helps with weeds but will not stop weed growth permanently.


Why you should seal your brick pavers

- Color Enhancement: Sealing your bricks will enhance the natural color of your bricks.  These colors will be preserved and protected from the harmful UV rays. We offer two  different type of looks, our most popular look being the “Enhanced Look" which will give the appearance that the pavers have when they are enhanced. We also offer a look called “Natural Luster” which will offer the same protection but with little to no color enhancement. 

- Mold and Mildew Inhibitor: Mold can grow as soon as 30 days after installation or  a deep cleaning. Sealing your bricks will slow down the process of mold and mildew  but WILL NOT stop it completely.  

- Protection: When brick pavers are properly sealed you are putting a barrier between  the surface of the paver and anything that can stain the paver. This includes grease, oil,  transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, red wine, and anything else that can be spilled on the  surface. Adding a protective barrier will help slow down these things from penetrating into the pores of the bricks and help to reduce stains and make them easier to treat.  Sealing also helps keep your pavers from becoming pitted and worn commonly found  on older or neglected pavers. 

- Maintenance: The maintenance on pavers becomes a lot easier after being sealed.  With the sealer any mold that does grow is minimal on the surface and in the cracks as  opposed to non sealed brick pavers. Most maintenance can be kept up with a simple  mildewcide. For routine maintenance after your initial clean and seal we offer a  cleaning maintenance which can be found in the “Optional Services” section of your  estimate.


Why you may not want to seal your Brick Pavers

-The Myth: 

A common concern we tend to hear a lot is that if you seal your bricks on the same day as cleaning or when they are damp they will become slippery, turn white, peel up or flake. This is simply not true with our unique process that we have developed.

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Our Unique Process

Our process starts with an analysis of your bricks pavers. We then treat the area with a  mildewcide to kill all mold, mildew, and mold spores to insure no mold can grow  underneath the sealer itself. We then pressure wash the entire area to get all mold,  mildew, and weeds out of the paver area. Once clean we rinse off all of the debris that  is brought up from the cleaning process. We are then ready to apply our polyurethane  water based sealer. This type of sealer can be applied when the surface  area is damp as it is a breathable sealer. This sealer will eliminate the possibility of  trapped moisture therefore it will not turn white, peel up or flake.


The reason pavers turn white

The white haze or film that you see is trapped moisture. This is commonly found when  pavers have been sealed with a solvent, xylene, acrylic, or oil based sealer. These type of sealers are the "super shiny" or "wet look" sealers. These types of sealers do not allow the pavers to breathe and create a thick layer on the surface which causes trapped moisture. With Florida's tropical climate, these sealers will fail.


How to fix white pavers

The only way to fix white and hazy pavers is to use a chemical stripper to strip the old  sealer off. Unfortunately, these types of sealers are not designed to come off, therefore it  takes a lot of experience and specialized equipment to complete a task like this.

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-What is it?

Efflorescence is a chalky white haze that naturally appears on the surface of brick pavers as opposed to trapped moisture that sits underneath a layer of sealer. This typically occurs months to a year after installation, but can still occur even later and can progressively get worse over time depending on the drainage of your pool deck or driveway. 

-Why does it happen?

Calcium is water soluble and when pavers get wet calcium rises to the surface. This occurs when there is poor drainage or a lot of moisture underneath or in the pores of a paver. As the water or moisture sits in the pores of a paver for an extended amount of time without drying it allows the calcium to rise. Once the paver is eventually dry it leaves the chalky residue called Efflorescence. 

-How to stop Efflorescence:

Unfortunately Efflorescence cannot be stopped because it is a natural occurrence. If pavers have heavy Efflorescence it is because of poor drainage typically found at the bottom of most driveways but still can occur anywhere there is pavers. Proper drainage will help keep efflorescence to a minimum.

-How to treat Efflorescence:

There are many ways to treat Efflorescence, the most common way is to acid wash the area. This may eliminate, lighten, or maybe not even budge the calcium at all. Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution to stopping this from happening. If it does get eliminated it will continue to rise up through the bricks over time.

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