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What is it?
Efflorescence is a chalky white haze that naturally appears on the surface of brick pavers as opposed to trapped moisture that sits underneath a layer of sealer. This typically occurs months to a year after installation, but can still occur even later and can progressively get worse over time depending on the drainage of your pool deck or driveway.


Why does it happen?
Calcium is water soluble and when pavers get wet calcium rises to the surface. This occurs when there is poor drainage or a lot of moisture underneath or in the pores of a paver. As the water or moisture sits in the pores of a paver for an extended amount of time without drying it allows the calcium to rise. Once the paver is eventually dry it leaves the chalky residue called Efflorescence.


How to stop Efflorescence:
Unfortunately Efflorescence cannot be stopped because it is a natural occurrence. If pavers have heavy Efflorescence it is because of poor drainage typically found at the bottom of most driveways but still can occur anywhere there is pavers. Proper drainage will help keep efflorescence to a minimum.


How to treat Efflorescence:
There are many ways to treat Efflorescence, the most common way is to acid wash the area. This may eliminate, lighten, or maybe not even budge the calcium at all. Unfortunately, there is no permanent solution to stopping this from happening. If it does get eliminated it will continue to rise up through the bricks over time.


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