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What are pool deck sealing services?

Pool deck sealing services help to ensure a much longer lifespan for your aquatic center while saving you time and money in the long run by preventing further damage to the surface of your swimming pool. Professional companies have the experience needed to get this important task done right — protecting pools from dirt, oil, algae, and other contaminants along with preserving color and extending life expectancy in general. 


Pool decks are an important aspect of any pool because they serve as the “ground” that your pool rests on. They can also help with drainage, prevent algae growths, and even save energy if they’re made from water-resistant materials like travertine or concrete pavers. There’s more! Pools with decking around them often have better safety features than those without it – this includes guard rails around pools which prevent kids from falling in them; plus areas where people can put down chairs or towels by the side of the pool

FAQs About Pool Deck Cleaning and Sealing

Pool deck sealing helps to protect the surface of your deck from dirt, oil, algae, and other contaminants. It also preserves the color of your deck and extends its life expectancy.

Most companies recommend having pool deck sealing services done once or every other year, depending on how often you use your pool.

Once your deck has been thoroughly power washed and dried, there are various stages of pool deck sealing that take place. First, a sealant is applied that penetrates into the pores beneath the surface and then dries over time after spreading evenly across the entire surface area. This can be hard to get perfectly done without professional services which is why it’s recommended to hire someone who specializes in this task for optimal results. 

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