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Different Reasons Efflorescence Occurs


If the bottom of your driveway looks like this 30 minutes to an hour or even the next day after a rain storm or when sprinklers have been on, then this is the main cause of your Efflorescence (calcium buildup). This is due to poor drainage. When an area is not able to drain properly and holds water for an extended period of time it allows the calcium in the brick to rise up. When the brick pavers finally do dry it leaves behind a chalky white look around or on top of the surface itself. With proper drainage, you can help to keep this to a minimal.


We tend to get numerous questions on some pool decks, "Why is there so much white and chalky looking stuff under my covered area?". We then have a question to ask the homeowner, "Have these bricks been placed over concrete or a type of cement?" 9 times out of 10 the answer is YES. The reason so much Efflorescence (calcium buildup) is found under these areas is because of the lack of drainage that is provided when laying bricks over concrete. When companies lay bricks on just a bed of sand it works a lot more efficiently, but can still get calcium as well. Just a bed of sand under a paved areas allows for the water to have a way to escape by draining in between the cracks and into the sand. If there is concrete under that sand the water has no place to go but sit there, which is why a lot of times these areas take so much time to dry. Anytime there is standing water or moisture, on top of the brick or below, it allows for the calcium in the brick to rise. Once finally dry, it leaves a chalky white residue known as Efflorescence.