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Concrete Cleaning and Sealing for Garage Floor

Concrete garage floors can be a pain to keep clean and look new. But with the proper cleaning and sealing products, you can achieve a beautiful and durable finish that will last for years. Here is a guide for garage floor’s concrete cleaning and sealing in just a few easy steps!

Commercial Paver Sealing
Commercial Paver Sealing

Step 1: Sweeping

The first step in cleaning your garage floor is to sweep the entire surface thoroughly. You want to make sure all dirt, debris, and dust are off of the floor before you get started. Make sure to use a stiff bristle broom (such as a push broom) instead of something like a vacuum cleaner because it is more effective and will not leave behind loose dirt or dust.

Step 2: Power washing

Power washing is the best way to remove any of the stubborn dirt and grime that your broom may have left behind. There are many types of power washers on the market, so you don’t need to spend a ton of money for this step. A $100 electric pressure washer should work just fine on most garage floors and can be picked up at your local home improvement store. Once again, make sure not to use a vacuum cleaner as it will only leave behind large chunks of dirt that can scratch your floor later on. You want to avoid large debris like rocks because they tend to damage concrete over time by wearing away small bits as they get dragged around.

Step 3: Acid washing

Using a diluted muriatic acid solution is the best way to clean your garage floor and remove small scratches that may have been created during power washing. You can purchase concentrated muriatic acid from any hardware store, but always be careful when using this chemical compound because it is highly corrosive and toxic if ingested! When you dilute the acid in the water, it works by breaking down any dirt deposits or sealer residue that might still be on the surface of your concrete. It will not damage your floor so long as you follow safety precautions such as wearing rubber gloves, eye protection, and old clothing while working with it.

Concrete Cleaning and Sealing
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Step 4: Sealing your concrete garage floor

Using a high-quality concrete sealant on your garage floor is the best way to keep it from becoming stained or dirty in the future. A semi-transparent chemical sealant will allow light to penetrate through so that any small scratches and dirt stains cannot be seen after application. Make sure not to use a clear epoxy-type sealer on your concrete because these tend to fill in any fine cracks and imperfections that may already exist. This can create additional problems down the road when you try and reseal this surface later on. Instead of using an opaque (or white) acrylic-based sealer, which would end up having to be removed and reapplied later on.

Step 5: Finishing up your concrete garage floor

Once you have finished applying the sealant, stand back and admire your work. You should see a beautiful new-looking concrete floor that will last for years and stay looking like new! Just remember to keep it sealed by occasionally recoating with the same product to keep it in top condition.

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