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5 Reasons Why You should Consider Paver Restoration

Paver restoration is the process of resurfacing your pavers in order to restore them to their original state. Paver restoration is a vital part of any property upkeep regime and should be considered by any homeowner before it’s too late. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider paver restoration.

paver restoration
paver restoration
  1. Extending the lifespan of your pavers

Whilst pavers are extremely durable, they are not indestructible – an unfortunate fact that many homeowners fail to realize until it is too late. There are two things that will eventually destroy your paver patio: weather and general wear and tear. The biggest enemy facing your paver patios is rainwater, which can be detrimental in a number of ways. Firstly there is splashback, where small amounts of water will lap against your patio during rainfall and cause damage to the surface underneath it. Secondly, there’s ponding, which occurs when large quantities of water build up on the top of your patio due to insufficient drainage. This creates a mini swimming pool for birds, insects, and other small animals, which will eventually weaken the overall structure of your patio.

  1. Long term deterioration

Whilst sudden weathering may cause some damage to your paver patio, it is by no means as bad as an ongoing process known as long-term deterioration. Long-term deterioration affects paving materials in a number of ways – the first being oxidation. Oxidization occurs when your pavers are exposed to oxygen on a daily basis; this oxidization (or rust) quickly spreads across the surface of the stone and breaks down its strength exponentially. Secondly, there’s degradation, which is typically brought about by excessive water penetration or inappropriate drainage – degradation breaks down not only the coloration of your pavers but also their physical integrity, leading to crumbling and cracking.

  1. Greening and mossing of pavers

Whilst not as destructive as degradation or oxidation, greening, and missinghen (or lic) are still very problematic issues facing homeowners with paver patios. Both were created by the droppings of birds, who will happily leave their mark on your patio if given the opportunity; this is especially true in winter months when food sources are scarce for many species of birds. The problem with these two growths is that they weaken the structure of pavers by sucking moisture from them at an accelerated rate – eventually, the paver cracks under strain.

  1. Appearance

Whilst it can be argued that appearance should rank last on this list, it is nevertheless just as important as any other reason for paying attention to your paver patios. Appearance is a major selling point for many homeowners, and poor paving can prevent people from buying – even if the interior of your house is absolutely perfect!

  1. Safety

Preparing your home for resale or renting out should be considered the most important reason on this list – after all, nobody wants to buy a home if there’s any risk of injury associated with their new property. Pavers that are in states of degradation and oxidation present serious safety hazards; they may become slippery when wet (slippery pavers account for more than 70% of falls), and/or develop cracks where children and pets could fall into them and suffer a significant injury.

After Paver Sealing Restoration
After Paver Sealing Restoration
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